House Filtration Systems


Standard System: $1,100.00 Premium Systems: $2,000.00

This Standard House System is an amazing addition to your house for better, cleaner, and safer water. This Standard House System includes Large Tornado, 3 Sediment filters and 1 housing/canister, 1 Sediment Self-Flush Filter.


The Premium Whole House System includes: 5 MICRON FILTER, CARBON/KDF filter, 1 MICRON FILTER, a SHUT-OFF VALVE, a PRE-FLUSH FILTER, a LARGE TORNADO, the OUTER HOUSING for the system, 2 extra 5 MICRON FILTERS, 2 extra 1 MICRON FILTERS, and a WRENCH for assembly.

Benefits ?

Will treat up to 250 12-20 oz bottles of water


Similar benefits as the Dream Tree Power Pitcher


They are 100% Portable  so you can


Put them into your travel or workout bag


Convenient – Add to any bottled water


Simple to use – Drop them in and shake


Work in Bottled or Filtered Water


Antibacterial properties add to the benefits