Dream Pitcher



The Dream Pitcher is Convenient, Portable and Effective and is a great addition to the Dream Tree Family product line. It wasn’t easy developing a Pitcher that could filter your “tap water” and at the same time create Alkaline, Antioxidant water but the Dream Tree research and development team was able to pull it off!

Benefits ?

The Dream Pitcher will filter up to 75 gallons of your tap (or bottled) water and in about 15 minutes will transform that water into the kind of water that “simply makes you feel good”. If you choose to decide to use purified bottled water the filter will last up to 250 gallons. It will create Alkaline, Antioxidant; Dream Tree Water! That’s not all it will do, it will also make that same water “Antibacterial”! After the water has been in the pitcher for a least one hour the water will take on properties very similar to our antibacterial Power Stix.