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A convenient & portable way to produce healthy water! Our secret is our patented process that utilizes hydrogen, activated ceramics, and a state of the art system that naturally removes free radicals and re-energizes your water. Power Stix are also antibacterial.

Because Power Stix are small enough to fit into your purse, briefcase, or workout bag, you can experience the benefits of antioxidant, alkaline water on the go. They will fit into the top of any bottle of water and are designed for anyone that finds it inconvenient to take one of our pitchers along. They are perfect for working out & traveling, and are available in two colors: classic Silver or Gold.

Water treated with Power Stix for at least an hour take on antibacterial properties, and can kill up to 99.95% of harmful germs. Power Stix will treat up to 250 12-20 oz bottles of water with similar benefits to the Power Pitcher. They are so simple to use—just drop one in and get shaking!

Power Stix

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