Rita Hawkins

It was a pleasure to meet you Jose!! So glad we have Alkaline Water Store in the area.

Natasha Michelle

Water Tree has the best alkaline water I've ever tasted !

Warren Wolverton

Jose has the Hottest Deals in Round Rock. Just try him and you will see !

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Marc Berron

Thank you Jose and Carlos for showing me all the filtration system! It makes more sense to get to see how everything works in person! Thank you for introducing me to Alkaline water! Great service and very nice environment! Best wishes and see you many times!

El Garufero

This is the best tasting water I have had and it is extremely refreshing. Since I started drinking this water I have had more energy.

Thank you Jose.

Diamond Rough

My first experience with alkaline water ! Receiving the knowledge Jose shared was educational. The water is delicious & I'll be back. He also has many different water bottles to pick from. My teacup yorkie Remy Kofi also found something for him a dog bowl .MUCH SUCCESS !
Thank you, Mr. Jose !

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